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Release, encapsulates the flowing emotions of peace as it dances and gently wraps around your finger. Release is a symbol of letting go of past hurts and things that no longer serves you.


Release attachments that no longer serves you. Release and let go!


  • Sterling 925 silver
  • Dimensions of ring: 1.3 cm (h) 
  • Weight of ring: 8g (S), 8.2g (M), 8.9g (L)


    • To keep your sterling silver pieces in its best condition, avoid contact with perfume, water and body lotions when wearing your piece.
    • After wear, wipe your pieces with a soft dry cloth or tissue from body oil.
    • Use a polishing cloth to polish your pieces to retain its shine. Polishing cloth can still be used even after it has darkened. 
    • Store your pieces in a cool dry place in its original packaging.