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People are attracted to Bold. She is fearless, daring and confident. She pursue goals that push the limits, and yearn to achieve something that has never been done before. She takes Bold steps to achieve her dreams and makes an impact to the world. 


Be Bold. Be the goddess that you are!


  • Sterling 925 silver
  • Both sides of the earrings are not the same, emulating the uniqueness of an individual.
  • Dimensions of earring from earlobe: 4.9 cm (h) x 1.8 cm (w)
  • Weight of earrings: 19g


    • To keep your sterling silver pieces in its best condition, avoid contact with perfume, water and body lotions when wearing your piece.
    • After wear, wipe your pieces with a soft dry cloth or tissue from body oil.
    • Use a polishing cloth to polish your pieces to retain its shine. Polishing cloth can still be used even after it has darkened. 
    • Store your pieces in a cool dry place in its original packaging.