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  • Wear your lovely pieces often! The natural oil on your skin will 'clean' the silver and keep it looking shiny.

  • Avoid contact with perfume, water and body lotions when wearing your piece. Remove before shower, shower or sunbathing.

  • After wear, wipe your pieces with a soft dry cloth or tissue from body oil.

  • Your purchase comes with a complimentary polishing cloth. Use polishing cloth to polish your pieces to retain its shine. Polishing cloth can still be used even after it has darkened. 

  • DO NOT polish gold plated pieces and stones, as this will stripe away the plating and affect the shine and luster of the piece. 

  • To clean silver and gold vermeil pieces, bath your pieces in a luke warm water, then towel dry or blow dry them. 

  • Best kept in an airtight zip-lock bag to prevent air and moisture from entering. Store your pieces in a cool dry place in its original packaging.