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You are Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Jan 1

You are a powerful being. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You have so much love to give and to offer. Don't let anyone tell your otherwise. You shall love deeply and freely without regrets and expectations. You are very well loved. It is ok to make mistakes because we learn and pick ourselves up. We fall, we get up, we learn, we forgive, we heal, we evolve to become better versions of ourselves.

Love yourself first. Put yourself first. Be kind to yourself and to others. Go on that trip you've always wanted to. Go buy that dress (or whatever) you've been eyeing. Live healthy. Reward yourself. Say no to people or situations if it doesn't feel right.

Our flaws are what makes us human. These scars are what makes us stronger.

You are a beautiful soul. The time is now to step into your power. Be brave. Be bold.

You are perfectly imperfect.

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