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About the designer

Singapore based designer, Rina Lee has held a life long love and appreciation for adornment. Jewellery making has been a part of her life for the longest time. In her first jewellery brand, she started out assembling bits and bobs together, but felt the urge to create original pieces and designs she can call her own. Rina’s love for creating and making things by hand led her on a journey to creating Rina Lee Jewellery.


Trained in Contemporary Arts at the University of Tasmania, Rina was exposed to contemporary ways of thinking and is seen evidently in her designs. 


About the brand

- Jewellery that inspire -

Rina Lee Jewellery makes contemporary silver jewellery that inspires. Rina shares her personal experiences through her pieces by telling stories of life, love and faith. She hopes to inspire women through her creations and words, and by bringing out their true inner shine. Her organic and sculptural pieces are a symbol of strength, healing, beauty and self-love. 


The process of making is by the ancient process of lost wax casting. Each collection is visualised and crafted by Rina in the form of jewellery wax models. The wax models are then taken to skilled local craftsmen for casting and finishing.


Handcrafted in sunny Singapore, our jewellery are made from sterling and fine silver, to ensure durability and wearability. Materials and making processes are ethically sourced and made.